Ansergy, the WECC’s leading provider of Forecasts and Data, has just extended its forecasts out another twenty years via its new service, WECCLT. The service has many features making it truly unique, including:

  • Updated Daily – though not a lot changes, day-on-day, fresh forecasts are always preferred to stale.
  • Five Cases – All five cases are refreshed each day
  • Full Output – From gas prices to transmission flows, all outputs from the model are available in our WECCLT web interface or downloadable
  • Web Interface – access the forecast through Ansergy’s intuitive online interfaces. View tables or charts, save as bookmarks or combine multiple reports into dashboards
  • Supported – Ansergy’s team of analysts are online and available for support via integrated chat
  • Customizable – we picked five cases, an option exists for you to define your cases

Use it to price your structured transactions or to support your IRP team; always online, always fresh, each of the five scenarios is refreshed daily. Online charting and query tools make finding the needles easy.  Fourteen price points mean every WECC asset has its own unique 25-year hourly price and heat rate forecast.

Our proprietary online interface makes it easy to get just the right report. View all 40+ forecast items (inputs and outputs) or filter down and focus in on demand. Downloading is easy; all WECCLT data is a click from your desktop.

Questions about our models, sources, or assumptions? No problem, we have staff online during business hours ready to answer any questions. Organizing your reports is made easy with our dashboard views from which you can view multiple locations, items, and even different aggregations (hourly, daily monthly, quarterly, or yearly).

WECCLT makes sense for the right reasons:

  • Accurate and timely. Ansergy forecasts WECC’s five-year market every day. The 25-year starts where the five-year leaves off.
  • Affordable – Times are tough, for less than the cost of a summer intern your firm will be using the industry’s best forecasts

Call or email for additional information or forecasts samples.

  • Team Ansergy
  • info@ansergy.com
  • 206-877-0991
  • Learn More – wecclt.com